From re:publica to Torstraßen Festival


From re:publica to Torstraßen Festival



I am one of the founder and CEO of re:publica GmbH and, with that, one of the brains behind Germany’s number one digital business festival. I am responsible for business- and content aspects of re:publica and act as its first point of contact. This yearly event, with over 5,000 visitors, is a central meeting place for the German and international digital society.



I was the CEO of newthinking communications GmbH from 2003 – 2013. The open source strategy and technology agency employs around 30 employees and works on projects in the field of events, IT and publishing. We also provide consultancy work for business and organisations. Over the past ten years and together with co-founder Markus Beckedahl and our team, we have developed newthinking into a business with a turnover of several million Euros. Since 2014, I continue to be a company associate and advisor of newthinking.


Torstraßen Festival

The idea for a successful underground festival was inspired by the London music festival “Camden Crawl”, which takes place during the day in pubs and other locations in Camden Town. Since 2011, we have organised the Berlin Torstraßen Festival along the various locations on Torstraße. The team behind the festival consists of Andrea Goetzke, Melissa Perales and Norman Palm.


Creator Broker Owner

In summer 2015 I decided to found an additional company. I wanted to create a new basis for all the ideas that previously had been put on ice. CBO invests in Start-Ups and supports and advises young companies in creating and developing their business models and the implementation of strategies. CBO also initiates and organises its own innovative ideas.