Volunteer Work

Engagement & Enthusiasm

Volunteer Work

Engagement & Enthusiasm

Tennis Borussia Berlin e.V.

Since summer 2013, I have been on the supervisory board of TeBe. Prior to this, I supported the work of the club as a member of its board. The “Purple and Whites” are close to my heart because I relate to the club’s traditions and stated values.


Digitale Gesellschaft e.V.

I am a founding member of the 2010 established association for securing citizen rights in the digital society. Lobbying for the rights of individuals vis-à-vis the state and businesses is an important engagement, which I support.


all2gethernow e.V.

The music association all2gethernow counts me as one of its founding members as well as a member of its first executive board. The association deals with the new and changing roles of stakeholders in the music industry as a result of digitalisation. At present, my role is in providing a source for ideas and in being a member of the advisory board.


netzpolitik.org e.V.

The association supports the journalistic work of netzpolitik.org and collects donations for this work. The association was founded in 2013 and I am its treasurer.



I am a member of the Berlin chamber of commerce’s committee on creative industries, for the legislative period 2012-2017.


Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

With interruption, I was a member of the green party Association 90/The Greens from 1993 to the beginning of 2012.


Kultur- und Kreativpiloten

Cultural and Creative Pilots Germany is an award that is given annually to 32 companies in the cultural and creative industries. The focus is on people who pursue their ideas passionately. As honorary jury member I act as a feedback encoder and bring up my experiences in the field of digital economy.


bbw University

The bbw University is a private, state-recognized university. With the start of the master’s degree program “Management of Creative Industries (MCI)”, as a board member for the creative industries, I perceive the task of enhancing the practical aspects of the courses with e.g. guest lectures about digital economic issues.


Stiftung Zukunft Berlin

The „Stiftung Zukunft Berlin“ is a charitable foundation. Its objectives are to promote the civil participation, education and culture. In my volunteer capacity as member of the board I support and advise on all relevant topics and am involved actively in their initiatives.